Saturday, 1 March 2008

A visit from a funny Canuk and other short updates

This week has been going very well. I had my final interview with the University, in hopes of being accepted into a teacher training programme (good feelings all around...fingers crossed), and I have also been having a great time at my new job. It is so refreshing to be working with children again, and such a great experience to work with children from all over the world. Love love love it.
I also had a chance to meet up with my old friend Marc who was visiting London while on a trip through Europe. It's been over 4 years since I saw him last in Vancouver, so there was plenty to catch up on when we met Thursday night for some drinks in the city.
Thank you to Marc for stopping in (even if it was just for a couple of days) are still the funniest guy I know. Thanks for making me laugh so much.

I have added a photo below of me and Marc in London, and also a few photos that were taken with friends earlier this month.

This weekend, I am staying around home, catching up on some work and starting to plan our trip to Morocco. Next weekend, Jon is having his birthday party - which will consist of him and several guys getting together, cycling and drinking the weekend away. Needless to say I will be banished from the premises and will be spending the weekend with my mate Helen in Northampton. Helen's running a half marathon next Sunday, so I will be sure to take some photos of her at the big race to add to my blog!

Marc and me in Covent Garden, London
Andy and Oxanna, enjoying the countryside near our home in Berkhamsted
Jon and me while out for a walk with Andy and Oxanna a few weeks ago.
Me, Bella and Cameron enjoying a Sunday morning. (This was taken while Jon and I were visiting with his friends Dave and Tiffany - and their kiddies - near Southampton).

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