Wednesday, 29 August 2007

How it all began...

How did it happen? How did a young Canadian girl, teaching for years in Korea, end up living in a small English town?
Well sit back and I will tell you the story....all of it.
It began last fall, as I was travelling through the Indian desert. I had taken a few months off from my teaching job to do some travelling and perhaps 'find myself'.
I had had an incredible 3 and a half months touring Thailand and India and I was deep into travel mode. My backpack and myself were equally dirty and I was gearing up for the final 2 weeks of my travels through the state of Rajasthan. It was a hot, cloudless, dusty day when I arrived into the city of Jodpur. Hot and tired from my half a day bus journey I made my way to a guesthouse that had been recommended to me by another Canadian I had met. She told me it was cheap and as I had already overspent my budget, cheap was what I wanted. The guesthouse was amusingly named Heaven. After bartering with the woman at the guesthouse about the room rate I decided to go up to the roof for a beer with one of the guys I met from the bus earlier that day. It was during this beer, that I met Jon. He had come up to the roof and we had invited him to join us at our table.
For the next 5 days Jon and I travelled through the city of Jodpur, then onto Jaisalmer, where we took a camel safari together through the Thar desert. Since Jon had to return to Delhi, we parted separate ways, with him literally walking off with his camel into the morning desert sun while I stayed for one more night.
We agreed to email, but neither of us really knew what to expect. After all, we had just met for 5 days. I returned to Canada soon after and Jon and I realized how much we were beginning to fall for each other. Within a month of meeting each other he had booked a flight to come and visit me once I returned to my job in Korea.
Our first visit went so well that he quickly booked up another...and another.
After countless hours on the phone, emails and 4 wonderful trips together we realized it was too much to be apart any longer. We made the decision to move in together.
So after some planning, I left my job, my apartment and the country I called home for a few years and moved to live with Jon in England.
And now the real adventure has begun....


michi said...

what a story - and yes, the real adventure has only just begun. i look forward to hearing all about it.


m x

Unknown said...

Wow, great to hear from you. You look great, and it's so nice to see the pictures of the other people in our Korea based "crew".